Successful organizations require a foundation of TRUST with a balance of TASK and TEAM capacities.

MBA believes that a balance of 11 key capacities are needed to create, build, and evolve high-performing and resilient people, teams, organizations, and work cultures.



Trust is at the heart of our work. The degree of trust in an organization creates the conditions for work to be done more efficiently and effectively.

Openness, authenticity, and transparency in verbal and non-verbal communication. Shared language and established feedback practices.

Skills, knowledge, and judgement required to accomplish the technical work of the organization. Continual improving and learning are required.

Sense of workng in effective concert with others while being an integral, respected part of the whole. Personal and professional sense of satisfaction, commitment, accomplishment, meaning, and pride.


Tasks – rigorously and successfully executed – are the key to all successful organizations. If the bottom line mission is not achieved then what is the point?

Responsibility for performance expectations by individuals, teams, and the whole of the organization. Clear standards, outcomes, and measures for performance.

Physical resources, equipment, offices, warehouses, etc. are adequate and advance effectiveness.

Vision & Strategy
Clear, compelling and shared vision and strategies that lead to bottom line success.

Policies, practices, and resources (people, money, space, time, etc.) are well managed, distributed, and aligned across all areas of the organization for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


People get the work done, make decisions, improve processes, invent, and hold all the pieces together. Good relationships and happy people keep the ship running smoothly and increase productivity.

Cross-team & cross-departmental coordination, information sharing and support.

Ideas and actions encouraged and valued across the organization. Leadership activities based on contribution rather than position/role.

Creative, divergent thinking that fosters clever problem solving and prudent risk-taking.

Physical, social, and emotional safety and health are fostered.