Organization Change, Strategic Planning


Create a high performing organization driven by a compelling vision and strategic direction.


  1. Engage all levels of the organization to build a 5 year strategic plan.
  2. Ongoing team development for board, cabinet, and staff.
  3. Planning for leadership transitions with staff and board.
  4. Organizational Restructuring (Cabinet, leadership)


  • Strategic Planning
  • Retreat Planning and Facilitation
  • Team/Workgroup Effectiveness
  • Cross Team Collaboration Design


Steve Boyd has an exceptional talent for helping an organization get to the heart of its large, strategic challenges, without ignoring the details of daily realities. This makes him uncommonly effective, whether he’s working with the Board of Directors, our executive team, front-line supervisors, or within a smaller work team. And his special magic is that our teams have all come out more strongly bonded for the hard, strategic work he’s led us through.

– Tom Tierney, Executive Director, Seattle Housing Authority